Most people are familiar with the concept of a web-cam on the Internet, a live static image that is updated frequently. Web-cams cover almost all corners of the earth bringing live views of cities, beaches, highways and even goldfish bowls. Unfortunately web-cams often only present a low resolution image which may only be updated every thirty to sixty seconds.

A dramatic improvement on the web-cam concept is the Earth TV Network, a series of un-manned, live, high quality video cameras that pan and zoom across some of the most interesting views on the planet. There are even cameras in our part of the world with six locations in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Hamilton Island, Philip Island, Hobart and the Murray River) and Auckland's Viaduct Harbour in New Zealand. International camera locations span five continents offering views including London, Dubai, Paris, New York and Niagara Falls.

Two programs from Earth TV are available to satellite dish owners in Australia and New Zealand. The first, "Live Tour" is an hourly broadcast of live video from camera locations around the planet. Every 30 seconds the camera location changes, instantly transporting you to another part of the world. The choices of camera views rotates each hour, often following the rising of the sun. A second Earth TV program is a time-lapse review from a single camera which compresses many hours into a 40 second presentation. The time-lapse video presents dramatic sunsets and sunrises from locations worldwide.

Earth TV's programs are available as segments on a number of free-to-air satellite channels available in Australia and New Zealand including Phoenix Infonews from Hong Kong on Asiasat 3.

Phoenix Infonews features the Earth TV "Live Tour" at 58 minutes past the hour,  just prior to the start of the news bulletin. The Earth TV time-lapse feature is usually presented around 27 minutes past the hour.

An Earth TV segment called "The World Live" is now being shown five times each day on BBC World. The live video pans across scenic worldwide locations a few minutes before the BBC World news at the top of the hour. Tune into "The World Live" on weekdays just before the 1AM, 4AM, 8AM, 4PM and 9PM (Australian Eastern Standard Time) bulletins. The BBC are seeking viewer feedback on the Earth TV segments to


Tuning & Resources
Earth TV is featured in the Satdirectory package on DVD Disk Four.

Earth TV via Phoenix Infonews is featured within the Satdirectory package on DVD Disk Two.

Satellite : Asiasat 3
Orbit Location : 105.5 East
Frequency : 4000
Polarity : Horizontal
Symbol Rate : 26850
FEC: 7/8

Earth TV via BBC World is available free-to-air via Panamsat 2 and Panamsat 8. BBC World is featured within the Satdirectory package on DVD Disk Six.

Satellite : Panamsat 2
Orbit Location : 169.0 East
Frequency : 3986
Polarity : Horizontal
Symbol Rate : 5700
FEC: 1/2

Satellite : Panamsat 8
Orbit Location : 166.0 East
Frequency : 3940
Polarity : Horizontal
Symbol Rate : 27690
FEC: 7/8

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Earth TV
Earth TV - The global video-cam network
earthTV via SBS Australia

Starting mid-October 2005, earthTV programmes, "World Weather" and "The World LIVE" will air daily on SBS nationwide, and on SBS' digital channel, "The World News Channel". earthTV's global camera network will bring LIVE daily footage from all over the world in real time to SBS' viewers. Through earthTV, an SBS viewer in Sydney at 12 noon local time can see the what the world is doing at that very moment…it's turning 7pm the day before in San Francisco, 10.00pm in New York, nighttime Piccadilly Circus, along Venice's canals, Berlin's Brandenburg gate and across Europe, dawn breaking in Istanbul and Dubai, mid-morning in Hong Kong and Manila, and early afternoon in Auckland. And so the cycle goes on, 24/7, creating the ultimate in reality TV - the world right now! earthTV will bring LIVE and same day video around the clock to SBS and its audience.

Shaun Brown, Head of Television at SBS, observed, "We are delighted to be partnering with earthTV, and we see earthTV's programming as an enhancement to SBS. Our audience is multicultural and internationally focused and earthTV's unique international programming is a good fit in SBS' overall programming strategy."

Thomas Hohenacker, earthTV's President added, "earthTV is undergoing exceptional growth at this time, and entering the Australian market is both a significant breakthrough
for us, as well as a further indication of the growth curve we are on. Our global content works well in SBS' programming line-up, and we are delighted to be embarking on this

Source: earthTV Press Release