The French have always been great adventurers and explorers. During the 16th and 17th centuries they sailed the seas to the new world exploring distant lands and establishing remote outposts, many which remain under French administration to this day. The various outposts around the world are known as "French Overseas Departments" and they elect representatives to the French National Assembly. These remote outposts are administrated just as if they were regions of continental France.

Broadcasting in French dependencies comes under the control of a state run media organisation, RFO (Réseau France Outre-Mer) who in 2005 have launched an unique new television service which is one of the most watched channels here at the Satdirectory HQ.  

France Ô, is a 24 hour, French language multicultural channel which aims to present a window on the many diverse cultures that form the French dependencies. The station draws from programing produced by the various RFO operations worldwide, promoting the identity, personalities and culture of the overseas outposts to viewers in continental France as well as the wider French speaking community.

For Eastern Australia France Ô is an easy catch from Intelsat 701. The station's colourful and exotic content rotates around relays of local programing from RFO television outlets in:

Subtropical and subject to frequent hurricanes, Guadeloupe is a group of volcanic islands in the Caribbean.

French Guiana
Tropical, hot and humid, French Guiana lies on the northern shore of South America and has borders with Brazil and Suriname. It is from here that Ariannespace launches many of the worlds communications satellites.

Tropical and subject to hurricanes and flooding, Martinique is a dormant volcanic island in the Caribbean that was first discovered by Europeans during Columbus's voyages.

Tropical with a monsoon climate, Mayotte is an island in the Mozambique Channel between Mozambique and Madagascar.

Tropical and subject to periodic devastating cyclones, Réunion is a island in the Indian Ocean to the east of Madagascar.

New Caledonia
Tropical with south-east trade winds, New Caledonia comprises a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia.

French Polynesia
With a moderate tropical climate French Polynesia consists of about 118 islands, forming five archipelagos in the South Pacific Ocean.

St Pierre & Miquelon
Cold, wet, misty and foggy Saint Pierre and Miquelon are islands in the North Atlantic Ocean. The terrain of the islands is mostly barren rock.


Tuning & Resources
Various RFO radio and television outlets are featured in the Satdirectory package on DVD Disk One.

Satellite : Intelsat 701
Orbit Location : 180 East
Frequency : 11174
Polarity : Horizontal
Symbol Rate : 23149
FEC: 3/4

France Ô
France Ô - Caribbean, African & Pacific voices in French 
article update

In the past this channel was available free-to-air. Currently this service is encrypted and requires subscription. This article remains at for both reference and historical purposes.