NASCAR stock car racing is arguably the lowest-tech type of motorsport on the planet. The cars run with big V8 engines that use pushrods and carburetors. The suspensions are still live rear axles. Even some of the safety equipment is optional--or banned outright. While NASCAR's popularity has grown tremendously over the years, it faces "slagging" from many people who do not enjoy the sport. Much of this bias comes from the belief that most NASCAR fans are rednecks because of the sport's Southern USA heritage. Many detractors of NASCAR don't even consider it to be a legitimate sport, critics argue that NASCAR is simply repetitive driving of low-tech hotrods around an oval. Well that said, if you are looking for spectacular car accident entertainment you can't go past the NASCAR racing feeds live from the USA on Panamsat 2.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the largest motorsport organisation in the United States. With three separate racing series running each year NASCAR presents over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in 38 USA states, Canada, and Mexico.

NASCAR with it's roots as in the southern USA states has become the second most popular professional spectator sport in North America, behind only the National Football League.
NASCAR is broadcast to over 150 countries worldwide, and here in Australia and New Zealand we  "tap-into" these international program feeds, via Panamsat 2. In the United States, the NASCAR television broadcast rights are split between FOX and NBC / TNT (Turner), with FOX airing the first half of the season and NBC/TNT airing the second half. The networks alternate coverage of the first and most famous race of the season, the Daytona 500, with Fox getting the odd years and NBC the even ones. The NASCAR season runs from the February race at Daytona thru to the final race of the year at Miami in November.

The Panamsat 2 feeds of the races can be seen live each weekend during the racing season. The races may alternate between either Saturday or Sunday (USA dates - remember they are a day behind us in Australia & New Zealand) depending on race location. A season schedule and race program is available from the official organisation site as well as .

The NASCAR racing feeds can be found free-to-air (Channel 3) within the Fox feed bouquet at Panamsat 2. When the NASCAR feeds are not operating the channel is often presenting other sports from the USA or running a Panamsat Napa Valley Teleport test slide. Also in this bouquet of channels (Channel 5) you can find what some people consider is another form of American redneck culture; Fox News. Occasionally this feed of News Limited's news channel is seen free-to-air, though typically only free-to-air audio is observed.


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Panamsat 2 programing is featured within the Satdirectory package on DVD Disk Six.

Satellite : Panamsat 2
Orbit Location : 169 East
Frequency : 3992
Polarity : Vertical
Symbol Rate : 26470
FEC: 7/8

NASCAR racing feeds on Panamsat 2
NASCAR - tune into live southern style entertainment