A little known part of the world is the island of
Réunion, situated east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Outside the French speaking world Réunion doesn't immediately come to mind as a travel destination, however the island offers spectacular volcanic and tropical scenery. Réunion has a reputation of being an outrageously expensive travel destination, hence it's the ideal target for virtual travel by satellite media!

Through much of history Réunion has been unpopulated with the first major settlements being established by French settlers in the 1700's. Early outposts focused on cash crop production, growing coffee and sugar for nearby Mauritius. Modern Réunion history has seen a series of violent riots in the early 1990's, with the population demanding social security benefits and solutions to the island's unemployment problems at that time. The last decade has seen stability return to the island.

Réunion's tropical climate features a wet season from November to April and the island is frequently subject to destructive tropical storms.

Radio Réunion

Radio Réunion broadcasts across the island from the capital, St Denis. For Eastern Australia Radio Réunion is an easy, though exotic catch from Intelsat 701. The programming from Radio Réunion is a unique mixture of French, African and Indian influences which reflects the mixed ethnicity of the population of Réunion. The radio playlist includes French, African, Hindi and English pop with lots of lively talkback and other audience participation. Réunion is six hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), so catching the lively breakfast show is an easy mid-morning target for late riser's in Australia and New Zealand.

Tele Réunion

Réunion's national television channel is also an easy catch in Australia. The daily broadcast starts at 1130 AEST with local music clips, a good dose of local advertisements and then a repeat of the previous evening news. Tele Réunion's programming is a varied mix of local material and French domestic network television. 


Tuning & Resources
Radio Réunion is featured in the Satdirectory package on DVD Disk One.

Satellite : Intelsat 701
Orbit Location : 180 East
Frequency : 11174
Polarity : Horizontal
Symbol Rate : 23149
FEC: 3/4

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Télé Réunion
Réunion - Tropical media from the Indian Ocean
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In the past this channel was available free-to-air. Currently this service is encrypted and requires subscription. This article remains at satdirectory.com for both reference and historical purposes.
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