Perhaps like me you are a fan of alternative radio. You know, radio stations that play bands like No Idea or The Hot Snakes. OK maybe we have slightly different musical tastes, but did you know there is another radio alternative that can be found on Asiasat 2? The station is a true global broadcaster, the World Radio Network (WRN).

From the WRN broadcast centre in Vauxhall, South London, 21 staff work to package relays of programs from leading international public broadcasters and independent producers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, North America and Latin America. These programs are then re-broadcast via WRN's satellite, terrestrial and online channels to their worldwide audience.

By bringing together the news, views and voices from around the world WRN's goal is to educate, entertain and enlighten its listeners as well as challenging their perceptions and promoting a sense of community by including all people and cultures.

WRN was established by three former BBC Senior Staff, namely  Karl Miosga, Jim Ashburner, and Jeff Cohen. Jeff was a keen shortwave listener since childhood, and he had the initial idea of a satellite radio network that could present the best output of the world's shortwave broadcasters to a much wider non-technical oriented audience.

WRN's Asia Pacific English Network focuses on national, regional and international news and because the programmes on WRN come direct from the source, the coverage is unrivalled. As well as news and current affairs, WRN programs bring coverage of science and the arts, sports and history.

Asiasat 2 provides WRN programs to the majority of the Asia Pacific region via a digital direct-to-home service from 100.5º East . The service is free-to-air and contained as a radio stream within the AS2 European Bouquet. WRN's English service is on the left-channel of the stream and WRN's multi-lingual service on the right-channel.

If you are lucky enough to be a subscriber to Bob Cooper's Far North Cable Service in New Zealand you will find WRN on Channel 11.

Programing highlights include RTE Ireland at 1:30 PM AEST (Sydney) time, the USA's National Public Radio at 3 PM AEST and Channel Africa at 4:30 PM AEST. A full program schedule is available at .

WRN also operates a regular listeners's club and best of all it's free!

Club WRN members receive the WRN published magazine, "Network Live" twice a year. Network Live contains schedules for all WRN networks and articles about WRN's programme partners and developments within the international broadcasting industry. The magazine is a "good read" and the copy that arrives here at Satdirectory is always read cover-to-cover.

To join Club WRN fill in the on-line membership form in the "listener's area" at .


Tuning & Resources
The World Radio Network is featured in the Satdirectory package within the DVD-ROM content on Disk One.

World Radio Network
Satellite : Asiasat 2
Orbit Location : 100.5 East
Frequency : 4000
Polarity : Horizontall
Symbol Rate : 28125
FEC: 3/4

Photos from Chris Brand's DX International
World Radio Network - the global radio alternative